Overthinking sucks? Here’s how to get rid of..

Overthinking : As the name gives an idea about this term, it is thinking excessively
And equally as other people, for me it’s a kind of disorder which I guess I can’t get rid of, but is this exactly the problem?

Indeed, overthinking is the root of all evil taking place in your mind but wait..

It’s not a complete “correct statement..” People like writers, inventors, scientists, etc have to analyse their stuff.

Why people suffer eating disorders? Just because they may judge themselves with others, they may find themselves fat in comparison with other mates or any other resons But what if we look at these things in a practical perspective ?What if we ponder in a positive way. But having a negative impact of these kind of judgements on their physical fitness, automatically leads to depression and anxiety..
The reason is they might negatively deduce from all these common factors which would’ve been view by a positive perspective. For example, I have to think about these topic in order to write a blog, and that’s why I have to think inordinately but that isn’t having a negative impact on my brain.

“Overthinking is indeed beneficial unless it won’t have a side effect on your sanity”

When you’re thinking start off with unclear thoughts, you’ll end up with wrong thoughts even if the subject is constructive. So, the complications aren’t with thinking, the problems are with NEGATIVE OVERTHINKING..

Numerously, we may misunderstood thinking as overthinking. Let me elaborate the difference between thinking and overthinking.
Simply,thinking is the kind of conscious process that can make new connections and create meaning, which differs in the point of view of a particular person.
And the word overthinking is thinking about anything for too long. Change your perspective of thoughts..

Learn to see things positively

To have a positive view, you certainly don’t need to make efforts to do something difficult. You just need to tackle with the negative thoughts in your mind by engaging yourself with something good, in short distract your mind from overthinking pessimistic thoughts.

• Practice gratitude

• Learn to see the bright side of yourself

• Be present in your present (don’t regret about the past)

• Surround yourself with optimistic environment, it could encourage you to be positive

Stop overthinking toxic things

• Schedule your day, don’t give yourself enough time to think

• Disappear stuff which leads you to think any toxic subject, which you shouldn’t

• Invest your free time in cleaning your closet, playing sports (make sure you won’t involve your mental state like writing, etc)

It’s up to you, how you transform your daily lifestyle based upon your thinking, cause it all begins with your mind and so does your way of visualising objects. Usually, overthinking takes you to misunderstandings. Before increasing your thoughts about somthing or somebody, you should close the topics before it go ahead making serious issues..

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