Seven phobias that will leave your jaw dropped..!

We all live in 21st century, where everyone is slammed into a lot of work along with this, there are other things many of the readers don’t know, which could lead you out of the blue…
Anyways, these is one of them.

Phobia is an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion (hate) to something and I guess everyone has fears in his / her life. So even if that’s something of what we’re sick of the sight of, like a small spider we couldn’t keep calm until that’s out of our sight if we hate it extremely. But Fear has been an essential evolutionary tool that has allowed humans to develop precautions against dangerous things and situations. but hey.. There are other WEIRD kind of phobias I’m going to mention below that you might have never heard of..
Let’s begin!

1. Xanthophobia

Xanthophobia, can you guess what exactly this phobia is about? It’ll sound stupid but the fear of the color yellow is called Xanthophobia. Well I’ve never heard this in the million years..( and maybe you too) that’s strange I know.. In China the color yellow was feared, specifically receiving the yellow scarf, which was an imperial order to die by suicide:

The truth is, it’s a fear that’s just as real as any other, and it can be just as debilitating as any other phobia as well. Just like with other phobias, people may experience varying degrees of their fear. Still, it can prove to be quite serious for anyone who has it.. But the truth is that it’s a whole lot more than just a color, and depending on the severity of the phobia that someone has, it could make it completely impossible for them to be anywhere near the color. That means it can interfere with absolutely anything and everything that they do on any given day. Fear of any color can make it difficult to go about your life but think of all the places you’ll find yellow.

2. Nomophobia

Mobile phones have become a ubiquitous part of modern life, and no one could ever wonder a life without mobile phones. As people are addicted with phones, and couldn’t resist its use. It has also created a kind of phobia despite anxiety and depression and this is what relates To Nomophobia.
Nomophobia is a term describing a growing fear in today’s world—the fear of being without a mobile device, or beyond mobile phone contact . Among today’s high school and college students, it’s on the rise. A rising number of college students now shower with their cell phone. Usual symptoms of nomophobia are ;

•Respiratory alterations.

3. Arithmophobia

If you remember your school days, I’ll garantee you, you must have disliked your school for one cruical reason that’s what is your maths lecture (well that maybe someones favorite subject too) but mostly the cases are same, isn’t it? ( Well I hate maths too) so I guess all the maths haters might have suffer this arithmophobia at some point during high school , for its the synonym for fears of numbers. But This fear is somewhat unusual in that it encompasses a wide variety of specific phobias, including a generalized fear of all numbers and fear of specific numbers. 1 It is also sometimes called numerophobia. Symptoms of arithmophobia are

• Breathlessness, dizziness, excessive sweating, nausea.
• Dry mouth, feeling sick.
• Shaking, heart palpitations,.
• Inability to think clearly,
• A fear of dying,
• Becoming mad or losing control,
• A sensation of detachment from reality or a full blown anxiety attack.

4. Lepidopterophobia

Often you might have heard this phrase “butterflies in stomach” especially in the love-at-first-sight scenario. Isn’t it? With their bug eyes, enormous proboscis and surprising amounts of fur, they look like unfriendly aliens. Both beauty and ugliness help butterflies survive. But there’s an ironic fact about these so called “Beautiful butterflies” could trigger anxiety and panicness to some, known as Lepidopterophobia (A fear of butterflies) A phobia of insects like butterflies or moths may be caused by several things:
fear of a possible insect reaction, such as it jumping on you or touching you,
sudden exposure to the insect
a negative or traumatic experience with it, genetics, etc.

• Persistent and irrational fear of coming into contact with butterflies or moths
• Severe anxiety or panic when thinking about them

Avoid the situations in which you may see these insects. But hey if you think you're facing these phobia, it's ok you're not alone cause there are some celebs like Nicole Kidman who has been through Lepidopterophobia. 🙂 

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