How to recover your mental being after trauma ..

In the daily life there are times when people feel stuck at something and couldn’t move ahead in their lives. These things are usually experienced after a loss of someone closer, after trauma or after a break up and many other cases. This makes them more vulnerable and trigger depression and other mental disorders. It might be the the phase when it feel like the world ended and maybe it might get hard to love yourself, stay optimistic. But things don’t end here.
It might increase pessimism ( hopelessness) and that is when you have to take care of your mental being.

Here are some ways how to love yourself and feel hopeful.

1. Start an healthy and positive routine.

“What do we do today, right now, will have an accumulated effect on all our tomorrows. ” —

Alexandra Stoddard

Indeed, beginning of the change begins from now. So why not began with this change with an healthy and positive daily routine. People may also suffer insomnia and that’s why they may not able to sleep. But that could lead to a toxic conclusion, you have to sleep. Avoid or limit caffeine and alcohol and don’t use nicotine, and heavy meals before bed, even an unplanned routine could result in lack of sleep.

Things gets worse by over analysing every single thing no matter if it’s good or bad, it would never let you feel peaceful from the inside. Spilling coffee or dropping a vase unawaringly should not become a worse memory which could ruin your whole day, forgive yourself, to not take it seriously.

Ways to make an healthy start

2. Wake up early

There’s a natural and brisk air blowing in the early morning which is beneficial for fresh air is good for your digestive system. People who wake up early are more in sync with the traditional corporate schedule and tend to have more proactive personalities.

Note : Avoid using social media during this period

You can prefer to go on a early morning walk or you can exercise (it’s okay if you’re feeling lazy in the beginning) don’t be hard on yourself. Listen to some calm music (no songs, as the lyrics could trigger traumatizing things related to the past) Have a hot cup of coffee sitting in the fresh and ( ex. balcony)
During this time you don’t have to think about anything, you can even listen to some inspiring audio stories.

Remove the things from your sight that could remind you something depressing.

3. Plan for a vacation (alone)

Going to a vacation could be one of the best option to recover your mental state. I’ll suggest you to spend this time alone as me time, so you’ll better understand yourself, discover your inner being and spend a quality time with yourself.

The best places for vacation could be locations like countryside or somewhere away from any urban areas.
These will help you to Learn about those places, those people and you’ll stay away from insecurities.

Throughout these days, plan for trecking or hiking. Try something new you haven’t tried before. This is the suited path to enhance joy and happiness. Gift yourself a dress, a book or something else.

“There’s joy in every little thing that exists on the earth, you just need to have a right perspective towards everything that comes your way”

Be grateful for your life,
Your breath,
And everything you have been given.
Spending some time with yourself, would remind you that no one could love you more than you. Feed a dog on a street side, or whatever you love.

4. Stop judging

Frequently, after going through some difficult phases, like that I mention above could lead you to underestimate your abilities. That’s the fragile period but that’s ok. It’s ok if you over eat, it’s ok if you skip meetings or if you miss an important lecture. However, over medication, skipping meals or overdosing is harmful. In the starting even if it doesn’t feel serious, people are tend to get habitual with these easily.

Things to remember
It’s ok to be vulnerable
It’s ok to let your emotions out
Don’t judge yourself
Don’t underestimate your value

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Medium – @Bluesky18


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