Here’s how to cope with nightmares

Remember, getting afraid of being alone or chanting the holy name of Jesus after watching horror movies like annabelle or Pennywise? Just because you were terrified if the ghost will haunt you, eventually if you had a haunting nightmare.
Well that’s one of the sweet childhood moments, probably all have been through. But sometimes these isn’t a child’s play to cope with..

Well, a nightmare is a disturbing dream associated with negative feelings, such as anxiety or fear that awakens you. Nightmares are common in children, but can happen at any age, and occasional nightmares usually are nothing to worry about but conditions gets traumatising when these becomes a disorder.

Nightmare disorder is when nightmares happen often, cause distress, disrupt sleep, cause problems with daytime functioning or create fear of going to sleep..

Here are some ways that will help you to cope with nightmare disorder.

Symptoms :

Frequent occurrences.
Major distress,
Impairment during the day,
•Such as anxiety / persistent fear, •Bedtime anxiety about having another nightmare. 
•Can’t stop thinking about images from your dreams. •Problems with concentration or memory.
•Daytime sleepiness,
Low energy.

Treatment ;
Well doctors frequenctly suggests medical / anxiety treatment, they’re are other alternatives like Imagery rehearsal therapy is often used with people who have nightmares as a result of PTSD, these includes changing the ending to your remembered nightmare while awake so that it’s no longer threatening. You then rehearse the new ending in your mind. This approach may reduce the frequency of nightmares. Medication is rarely used to treat nightmares. However, medication may be recommended for severe nightmares associated with PTSD, according to .

Here’s the basic ways I’ve found to cure these disorder.

1. Avoid using social media Or watching movies before bed.

When a person undergoing these problem used social media Or watched tv they create a memory in their head which could trigger anxiety or depression when they go to bed. However it’s fine to watch something different that won’t stress your mind but prevention is always better than cure. Try some healthy activities, listen to some positive affirmations, go for a night walk, spend time with your pet, have some positive self talk, etc.

2. Be clear about what you saw

Elaborating what made the nightmare terrifying could help people to stay far from the things Or someone that they saw in their nightmare. Overtaking pills, alcohol could also prove toxic. Preventing triggering activities could help to have a good night sleep.

3. Avoid overthinking

Many people are having the tendancy to overthink things taking place in their life & night time is when they could do that. Overthinking could be one of the nightmare causing symptom. Either try not to spend these time alone or play some calming music.

Let mental health became your first priority


Numerously, in the chaotic schedule, there are many things people does wrong or they are unable to make time for & the ensues could be like one of these things. Many times people get hurt, heartbroken and sometimes it leads to trauma, and there’s no one to talk with. But keeping these things to themselves or bubbling these emotions inside could lead to worst nightmares and that is why it’s essential to light down your heart & in order to do it you should write. Writing could help you discover yourself more, understanding your exact problem & even healing your heart.

Even a little Headache could trigger serious mental illnesses & so curing it on time could prevent these. 

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