Infatuation : The mythical side of love

You might have seen frequent  young people posting about their crushes which they call as their first love, some may write a post, a poetry, a song, etc. But a love during teenage is no more love. Love is an emotional bonding which takes time on the other hand,  Infatuation is attraction towards someone  this is no more love. Often people misunderstand this. If a person get butterflies in his stomach after seeing his crush this is infatuation, which is natural during these period. When you first meet someone special you become infatuated with, you don’t see anything outside of them. All you feel is your primal desires of wanting to be with them.

Infatuation is defined as “a feeling of foolish or obsessively strong love for, admiration for, or interest in someone or something”, . In your brain the dopamine center is rewarded when you see or think about your love interest. Then your brain gets flooded with dopamine. This pleasure response feels so good that it’s easy to mistake infatuation with a real connection. During this time, teens should have a clarity in their mind.
These could last about more than three years.

Some of the common signs in infatuation..

• They become your first priority
• You miss them everytime
• You feel alone without them
• You always think about them
• You have persistent and instructive thoughts
•  You flirt

They are tend to see the good things despite the negative things. They just live in their own world of imagination, which they believe to be the reality. Desparation is one of the common signs. People in desperation are often willing and able to do things they would otherwise not consider, such as breaking the law or begging for help, depending on the importance of the goal but also It can make you feel tired, hopeless, and disoriented. Desperation can, metaphorically, squeeze the creative juice right out of you. In 2013, Harvard researchers did a study of how financial stress affects decision making.

Talk with your child

Well this topic isn’t about scolding the child, this is natural, and it’s necessary to discuss this with the child it’s essential to maintain a close bond with your child. Rather than being a parent, try being a genuine friend to your teenage child, that way you are sure that you are the fall back for your child to share his personal grief and daily stuffs. Treat them as individuals and help them identify if the feelings are genuine or mere attraction, drive them to take the right decision and not just directly oppose. Don’t react too quick based on assumptions or don’t create misconceptions. It will take time be gentle with your kids.

Causes of infatuation

Desired to be loved : This isn’t the exact reason, just like others they want to get their desires complete.

Loneliness : Loneliness happens to be one of the major causes of infatuation. While waiting for the love of your life, you may get pulled into this short-lived passion. 

Don’t ignore their negative side : In infatuation, people are tend to avoid their negative points and overthink their positivity. Even sometimes the things which they see are not real. Be clear.

Make fun of them :  If you want to really stop your infatuation, don’t take their things serious. Laugh.

Focus on your lifestyle : Note down the things you want to achieve later in life, the food you eat or how you can make your life more better

How to stop infatuation

Telling yourself to simply stop thinking about your infatuation won’t work. In fact, there’s proof that trying to stop these thoughts typically makes them worse. Instead, encourage your mind to think about something else: another person as per

• Be aware of the present
• Engage your mind in activities
• When you start thinking about the person, stop yourself
• Start a Journal
• It takes time, but you’ll get rid of it.
• Focus on those people like your best friend, a family relative, etc.
• Remind your purpose of living.
• Be vulnerable. Open up.
• Know the reasons what lead you to infatuation & work on it.
• Stay away from things that could trigger those things

If you feel your obsession is getting out of control, you may be at heightened risk for self-harm. Communicate your feelings to your therapist. They will likely make a contract with you to eliminate self-harm.

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