Five subtle ways to win someone’s heart

At least once in your lifetime, you might have disappointed yourself for being unable to twist someones arm and get your work done or even couple of times, you, yourself might have got persuaded by others Well, not all people are pushovers who are easily controllable but despite it all, do you know that just replacing your words, you can capture someone’s heart. All you have to do is, knowing the art of influencing people verbally and non verbally.

1. Listen

Listening is the most essential and frequent type of communication. Therefore giving them a listening ear and giving them the space to communicate and they are more likely to trust you. It make people feel like you’re interested in the topics they’re speaking about. Listening also Fully and openly increases the likelihood that they will come to you when they are facing challenges or when they have new ideas. It helps understanding change perspectives and challenge assumptions; empathize and show respect or appreciation. The people who listen more are tend to have a great impression on other people. Listening involves maintaining eye contact, mimicking others’ body language, nodding, etc. Your listening results your actions, and to act in a correct way you must have good listening skills. Lacking in listening may create many misconceptions which may lead to conflicted deeds later.

2. Listen like a word detective

Being a detective doesn’t mean that you should have a magnifying glass and move around smoking a gourd calabash pipe. Nope..! Well that’s a no brainer.Word Detective strategy helps the students to find out the meaning of their unfamiliar words and increase their vocabulary mastery. Being a word detective simply means listening to every word the person is speaking and analysing it. You can easily understand what a person find interest in, Starbucks or Duckin’, If you find a person opposing, or showing favouritism towards a topic that signifies that the person is in favour of that particular topic. Moreover, the beginning and the ending of the sentences could give you a clue about the other person’s point of view, and thus you can influence drew people towards you by letting them feel you’re having the same perspective like them which expands your conversation ahead leading to a remarkable conversation.

3. Avoid arguments

Arguing can be beneficial to relationships. Conflict and arguments are often seen as negative and things to be avoided. Avoiding arguments . Arguing may help you to learn the other persons motives and let you view the situation subtly and resolve the conflict. Arguments always implicate tension and reciprocal irritation, which aggravates misunderstanding between the parties and turn things into great problems.

4. Admit your mistakes

It’s obvious to make mistakes while working for an important presentation or dropping a glass down, however you can avoid the conflicts by immediately admitting your mistakes. Once you lie or even confess the mistake when the time is gone that person finds it difficult to trust you with the same confidence again. Admitting when you’re wrong also shows you’re aware of, and therefore in a position to learn from, your mistakes. Of course confessing a fault never define you weak It takes strong character to do it well. It takes a kind of strong spirit. Admitting you’re wrong makes you a more honorable person.

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5. Appreciate them

“When you learn to say thank you, you see the world anew”

When you flatter others, it enhances their confidence and encourages them to go ahead. It helps to gain more friends, deepen an on going relationships, and develop a marriage. Those who express gratitude for others are more committed to them and more likely to stay in the relationship. It makes people feel that you value them and their deeds. It makes them feel they matter. Do you know just a “Thank you” could make someone’s day

Some quick tricks to draw people

• Know if you’re making people feel happy and comfortable

• Avoid visiting them directly and talk at the first meet, it leaves a bad impact

• Never give short replies. Talk about more facts to avoid awkwardness

• Mimic their last few words of the person you’re talking with

• Avoid discussing about your tragedies at the first meet, it gives a negative signal to the other people you’re talking with

• Maintain eye contact, but if you’re in a group of people, avoid staring at a person continuously, it may lead them to discomfort. Instead, look at every one for few seconds

• Begin in a friendly manner

Let me know when or how you’ve really win someone’s heart..!

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