How to stop overeating Plus Traits of emotional and unconscious eaters

When you’re having your favorite tacos placed on the table just after you finished a delicious meal, there is a very less chance you’ll walked away without having a bite of it. At least you’ll taste a bit of it. Isn’t it? Many people faced these conditions and thus overeat . But not to worry, here are the types of eating patterns, that leads to overeating. And how to stop it.

Here are two kind of eating patterns found in most people

1. Emotional eater

Emotional eating is eating as a method to supress or express certain emotions as fear, anger, joy, stress, sadness, isolation, etc. Binge eating), is an aggravated form of emotional eating.Emotional eating is very common because food tastes good, is always there, can help numb negative feelings, and can be exciting. Repetitive emotional eating can result in a whole host of weight-related health problems. Diabetes, high blood pressure, fatigue and high blood pressure are all examples of how your body pays for over eating outbursts.

Traits of an emotional eater

1. They eat when they want to supress / express emotions.
It also means eating your feelings. But these isn’t the best option every time. In fact, it usually makes people feel worse. Afterward, not only does the original emotional issue remain, but they also feel guilty for overeating.

2. They eat food to feel better
These kinda people are emotionally depend on food, whenever they couldn’t cope with the negative things they eat food, which indeed leaves a bad impact on their body and they may struggle with problems related with gas and bloating.

3. Emotional eating is URGENT!
As I’ve mentioned, emotional eating is a way to tackle with suppressive emotions, and therefore it is urgent for people to let it out through food.

4. Eating habits gets uncontrollable
When a person is eating as a way to deal with emotions, he is not aware of the amount of food he’s eating on that moment. He’ll go on and on until he don’t feel better.

2. Unconscious eater

Unconscious eating (eating without thinking) is the kind of thing people do every day. These habits develop when we form associations between stimuli or cues and responses. 
Unconscious eaters are often not aware of what or why they are eating, usually because they are eating while doing something else – whether that is working, watching TV, driving, or using their phone.

Traits of an unconscious eater

1. Lack of attention Often, People overeat because while they’re eating, their mind is engaged in some different activities and they aren’t aware of what, why and how much they’re eating. This is one of the common trait of an unconscious eater

2. Eating more than daily amount of food
People are tend to eat more, especially if they’re at a festival or a party they’ll probably forget about their daily amount of nourishment and would eat more and more. In fact, it usually sets you up for additional bad feelings. After you eat that pint of super-premium ice cream, you’ll still have the same emotional issues, and now you also have to cope with the guilt of eating too much ice cream, according to Zelman sums from

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How to stop overeating

1. Eat with mindfulness.
Eating with mindfulness, indicates chewing every bite slowly, and feel the taste of the food. It helps to digest the food more earlier and more better.

2. Eating protein rich food
Choosing a protein-rich breakfast like eggs tends to lower levels of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger ( 11 ). Adding higher protein snacks like Greek yogurt to your routine can also help you eat less throughout the day and keep hunger under control ( 12 ). breakfast can also help fight hunger later in the day.

3. Don’t skip meals
When you skip meals just because you’re overweighted, your body craves for more and when you finally get on your dining table with your plate of food, you are likely to eat more and more with an excuse of skipping a meal you may eat double which may cause problems to your body

4. Focus on your eating
When you’re eating while doing some other activities like watching TV, talking or doing some other stuff. When you do it you are likely to eat more, without any limitation, which ultimately leads to weight gain.

5. Try volumetric meal
Consuming foods that are low in calories and high in fiber and water before meals can help you feel full, which might decrease overeating.

Here’s a list of low calorie food to lose weight!

1. Whole eggs

2. Yogurts

3. Bananas

4. Fruits rich on citrus acid ( even though almost all fruits contain low calories)

5. Spinach

6. Avocados

7. Reduced fat milk

8. Cumin seeds

9. Ginger

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