Kick off your anxiety in five ways

Are you bored staying at the house all day? And your anxiety is increasing day by day. Are you unable to meet your friends or family? Here the best ways to use your free time.
We can’t really predict about the end of this Corona pandemic but we’re all stuck in our house. Its expansion around the world forced millions of people to be confined into their homes in this months. Even though conditions are much better now,but we’re still out of the woods. But it’s ironing our heads, isn’t it?We’re having free time but no options to leave the house. Here are the best ways to spend your time during this period rather than being a “Couch potato”

1. Give a shot!

Everyone has hobbies! Ex. Cooking, dancing, reading or studying. Explore something more about your hobbies. If you’re a writing lover, try to write poems and other writing stuff and post it on your social media accounts. Even you can go ahead with gaining knowledge about technology. Learn code languages.

1. Make your English more fluent.

2. Learn new languages

3. Teach online lectures.

4. Write a blog / article to make money

5. Start a YouTube channel.

6. Search for a data entry job.

Fluent your English here ;

2. Prior your mental health

Dozens of people has almost destroyed their mental health during this pandemic. It’s a big deal to manage your thoughts and feelings, especially if you live alone. It feels like to be on the rocks. The most effective way to stop overthinking / isolation is :

1. Start writing a gratitude journal/diary.
Write about your oldest nostalgic memories you had in your past years or write about something you feel you’re grateful to have it in your life it can be anything like your friends, your parents, or something that makes you smile.

2. Connect with others
It helps you to feel much better and light when you talk with someone. At least once in a day you should call your family, friends or someone who’s closer to you. Share your feelings. Don’t hesitate to tell them what you feel, when you keep it in your heart, you’ll never be able to be on cloud nine it eats you inside. Don’t think much and speak.

3. Give a new look to your house

There’re couple of things that would make your house look more decorative and smart. Have you seen small kids making rubber bands? Try the same thing. You can create chains, flower pots, dream catcher, DIY rainbow wall art, painted mugs, photo wall clock, or photo frames. Isn’t that interesting? Just visit the internet, you’ll get loads of ideas and creative things you can do. Make the best out of the waste. This will furthermore benefit you to recycle dry waste. Well you also can sell this products online for your bread and butter.

“ Art has the power to transform to illuminate,to educate,inspire and motivate”

4. Dance / music

“Dance before your music is over, and live before your life is over”

All of us likes to dance and we adore hearing music. Dance is a kind of exercise which helps your body to produce more energy and helps you to stay fit. Dance can effectively promote good health by improving cardiovascular fitness, strengthening the muscles, increasing circulation, decreasing blood pressure, lowering the risk of coronary heart disease, reducing stress, and many other positive benefits.On the other side, music can buoy your mood and fend off depression. It can also improve blood flow in ways similar to statins, lower your levels of stress-related hormones like cortisol and ease pain. Listening to music before an operation can even improve post-surgery outcomes. Songs are the best alternatives that relates us the best which works as a healer, and give the meaningful messages related to our life, relationships, work, etc.

5. Develop a new habit

It is observed that it takes about 29 days to develop a new habit. So obviously you can do that in this phase. You can start cooking, writing, jewelery making, learning piano / guitar,etc.
If we talk about cooking, there’s a thousands of different dishes around the world. You can check out some YouTube videos to learn it. I’ll suggest you to go ahead with Indian, Mexican, or sea food. I’ve gave the link below.

Steal the recipes here ;





Begin writing here ;



A guide for art and craft




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