Ten interesting facts about psychology and mental health

Mental health is an undeniable and essential part of our daily life, no matter whatever takes place, it always affects on your mental health, however it is your duty to take care of your mental state.
Check out these ten interesting facts about mental health

Men are less likely to speak about their depression or other mental issues..

Men are indeed aren’t vulnerable as females. They do not speak about their mental health issues and they lack vulnerability. But the senseless stereotypes people carry with them like “Men’s don’t cry” or the tags given to them as a “tough men”, “Strong men”, etc, don’t let their feelings out just because of the thought that the society will call him weak if he let his feelings out. But how long can someone bottle his emotions? That’s why they look for different ways like alcohol, drug abuse, self harm, aggression to open up, which is harmful. That is why it is important for males and females, to open up.

It is estimated that 1.0% to 4.2% of women have suffered from anorexia in their lifetime.

You might have seen women showing off their weight loss story on social media, When it comes to negative perceptions of physical appearance, social pressures are believed to play a key role. Since women tend to be more susceptible to such pressures, and that’s why these disorders is mostly suffered by women than men. there’s a lot of research that shows that internalization of the thin body ideal is a real potent risk factor for developing an eating disorder.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death in individuals aged 15-29 years.

About one person in 5,000–15,000 dies by suicide every year, with an estimated global rate of 10.5 per 100,000 population down from 11.6 in 2008.Males commit suicide 2.6 times as high as females. But Younger females and older males have the highest suicide rate.

India is the most depressed country in the world, according to the World Health Organisation

A study reported in WHO, conducted for the NCMH (National Care Of Medical Health), states that at least 6.5 per cent of the Indian population suffers from some form of the serious mental disorder, with no discernible rural-urban differences. Though there are effective measures and treatments, there is an extreme shortage of mental health workers like psychologists, psychiatrists, and doctors, according to www-indiatodaywww-indiatoday-cdnwww-indiatodaywww-indiatoday-cdn.amampproject.org
Värnik claims India’s adjusted annual suicide rate is 10.5 per 100,000, while the suicide rate for the world as a whole is 11.6 per 100,000

Around 4% of the global population suffer from anxiety disorders

The reasons why people suffer from anxiety disorder is increase in the factors such as social media, poor sleep habits, lowered stigma, and underreporting in the past. Prioritising sleep, proper nourishment or exercising may help to cure it.

Almost 40% of people in the world has an introverted personality!

One thing to note is introversion is not the same thing as social anxiety or shyness.
Researchers have found that introverts have a higher blood flow to their frontal lobe than extroverts do. This part of the brain helps you remember things, solve problems, and plan ahead. Introvert brains also react differently to dopamine than extrovert brains do, as stated by www.webmd.com

Stress causes digestive problems

In the short-term, stress can cause a number of digestive issues, including: Indigestion and heartburn due to the build-up of acid in the stomach. Stomach pains due to cramping of the stomach muscles. Diarrhoea and constipation due to changes in the speed of digestion.
Eating a Ginger or mint may help to settled your upset stomach to get back to normal. Avoid lying or alcoholism.

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Loneliness actually makes us feel colder.

When you’re lonely, you miss out on the dopamine that’s produced when you’re physically close to another person. In 2012, researchers in the Netherlands found that just the idea of being ignored socially was enough to make a person’s body temperature drop. Furthermore, the same lab discovered that just the memory of being socially excluded is enough to make people feel colder. Simply put, loneliness can give you the chills. The mind-body connection between physical warmth and the feeling of being loved is real.

Massachusetts is the top country to have the best mental health care in the world.

32% of US users post about their friends and family’s health experiences on social media.
Social media provide HCPs with tools to share information, to debate health care policy and practice issues, to promote health behaviors, to engage with the public, and to educate and interact with patients, caregivers, students, and colleagues, that’s why a lot of people post about their health on social media
But using social media more often may leave a negative impact on the mental health.

One study from the University of Michigan found that 73% of adults between the ages of 25 and 35 overthink, as do 52% of 45- to 55-year-olds..

Overthinking is a common trigger for stress, and along with that it is the root of all evil in your mind,
“Overthinking is indeed beneficial unless it won’t have a side effect on your sanity”
Check out my blog post above, about getting rid of overthinking!

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