Six signs that proves you’re a mentally weak person

If you’ve ever been slipped on the way and you fell down, your feet must have been injured but you’ll probably not cry if you’re strong enough to control the agony, this is physical pain. You can workout, exercise, eat healthy food or do some activities to stay strong. But let me tell you, it’s important to be “mentally strong” as well.
We all have could have a mental strength, and it’s up to you how you build it.
Every single person works each second despite the worries, depression, stress, pressure, or any emotional burden. Being mentally strong is a prior need of today and Many times you may feel you’re mentally weak but actually that’s not the case. Being anxious, depressed or pessimistic don’t mean that you’re mentally weak. It’s obvious. Mental strength is built.

Here are the six traits of mentally weak people

1. They’re stuck in the past

“We often remember negative things happen to us, than positive ones

Yeah that’s a common human tendancy and that’s why everyone is sad. Well, crap takes place in life, if there are good things, there are bad too however it’s important to move ahead despite the odds and blues. So even if it’s losing someone you loved, an unbelievable betrayal, a sudden break up in relationships, it is essential to keep going on and on. Mentally weak people often think about their past and are not ready to move on in their life, it’s senseless to think or cry over spill milk, all we have is future. So, start again and learn from the previous mistakes. It’s good to let of things that can’t be changed, on time. These sometimes may even become an obsessive habit of overthinking and not focusing on the present.
Sometimes the past may even make people feel powerless and unworthy but this is not true. Before the past, take control over your mind, dive in some other stuff.
Draw some uplifting and positive thoughts, engage your mind, stop it from overthinking things.

“The past has no power over the present moment.”

Eckhart Tolle

2. They don’t value their emotions

Many times you must have to compromise your decisions, opinions or time for someone, and no matter how many times people decide to pull off their choices often they failed to. But these is not the case of people with mental strength. They do not take responsibility of the other people’s emotions and also don’t feel bad about rejecting the offer. But people with weak mental strength tend to feel guilty and think a lot about the person’s emotions, and that is why they always deny their needs to fulfill the other people’s need, and so people used them.
Emotions act in a way to act quickly and increase the chances of success. When people express their emotions, they’re aware of them which help them to take the right actions. When someone suppress his/her emotions, they are tend to make mistakes, and also they may feel unclear about their decisions. Supression leads to physical stress so no matter if it’s about a little argument with a colleague, or a company of a frustrating peer, it’s essential to let the emotions out, or it may lead to many disadvantages mentally and physically.

3. Piting the problems

In life, there are points where people make mistakes, fail to complete their goals, they may feel constantly depressed about something, etc. These could be changed.
One bad habit of mentally weak people is that they pity their problems. If they get frustrated, embarrassed, or anxious they waste a lot of time regretting what they’re going through rather than trying to change the current circumstances. People with good mental strength allow themselves to feel their emotions and they work on them too. It is ok to feel bad, depressed, awkward, anxious, etc but mentally strong people deal with their problems, no matter how difficult it may feel to be solved. They’re self confident and optimistic. Even though if there are loads of negative things going around them/with them, they count their blessings too. These is the big difference between mentally fragile people and mentally strong people.

Stop self- pity

• Face your feelings

• Focus on dealing with the problems rather than regretting.

• Learn from your mistakes

• Gratitude!

• Change your perspective about the problems

• Stop exaggerating

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4. They are pushovers

You might have understood what Pushover mean by looking at the above picture. Pushovers are people who are easily influenced and easily controllable. One of the most defeating habit, mentally weak people have is they are easily influenced and don’t respect their own decisions too. For example, if a person has finished his work after working hard the whole day in the office and he is ready to get home and suddenly his colleagues call him to help them with their stuff/work with them until they finished. Here, a person with weak mentality fails to refuse and stay with the colleagues. Well. This isn’t the case with mentally tough people, they know to say NO. They don’t hesitate or feel guilty about it. They don’t let others to take advantage of them.
Mentally weak people are easily influential. These may make them less valuable in the society. These decreases the self esteem and self respect. They are being foolish about it. It is necessary to be aware of people who are trying to take advantage of you.  When people reach to you only for their need, or they’re constantly asking for favours or they’re not respecting you  could be a sign that people are taking advantage of your emotions, status, relationships, etc.
There’s no guilt in saying no sometimes, cause people may get habit of taking advantage of someone again and again. Allow yourself to get hurt, train yourself to be aware of people around you, and differentiate who is good and who’s not.
Don’t blame yourself, if you’re mentally weak here, enhance your mental strength.

5. They don’t settle boundaries

No matter if they meet someone just some days ago, they get closer they forget to set boundaries. Setting boundaries can ensure that relationships can be mutually respectful, appropriate, and caring.
They aren’t self aware and apologize for making time for their needs, and feel responsible for keeping others heart or they compromise everytime. Well this is unfair. Setting boundaries don’t make people feel hurt, angry, or awkward. While boundaries are often psychological or emotional, boundaries can also be physical. It allows you to clear the aspects like how you’re being treated, how you want to be treated and sheild your emotions and let’s you do well in a relationship.

6. They desire for everything without putting efforts in it.

It’s an another part that Aladdin owe the genie who eventually turn Aladdin into a magician, in the reality, efforts is the only Genie to make the dreams come true, and people who are mentally fragile forget this fact. They want to rule the world, they want to be liked by everyone, and they begged for people’s recognition.Working, whether paid or unpaid, is good for our health and wellbeing. It contributes to our happiness, helps us to build confidence and self-esteem, and rewards us financially. Because of these benefits, it is important to return to work as soon as possible after an illness or injury. To be mentally tough it is important to accept the fact that not everyone is going to like you, it’s the truth, and you know, truth is bitter but

Haha. Not every kind of person is positive or good for your mental health. To be mentally tough, surround yourself with people from whom you can learn something, and who helps you to be optimistic and better.

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