Five signs you’re involved in a fake relationship

We meet hundreds of people every week, some of them may become your friends, some may remain strangers, one thing that could put people in chaos is, to mistook friends into enemies, or enemies into friends. No one has a label on their head that they are fake people or real ones.
Let’s begin..

1. They show off their affection

Even though it’s your friend, your partner or whomever if he / she is faking care and affection, these is the first sign. Fake people will remind you again and again that how much they love you and care for you, they’ll show off the affection towards you and make you believe that they are the best for you. And mostly they’ll keep people updated about your relationship on social media which will probably ruin the privacy and relationship too. “Research says that people who use social media to talk big about their relationship are usually lonely and unhappy. They are insecure about the proceedings of their relationship and look to an unknown source for motivation and validation”, as stated by . If that’s a friend, they’ll applaud you for your abilities, even for the smallest things but they’ll stabbed in your back.

2 . You don’t feel happy with them

It is obvious to feel nothing when someone is involved in a fake relationship. They may emotionally blackmail you to make their plan work on you, you’re tend to feel bored and pressurised, for example you never refuse them even if you don’t want to do that, just because it will make them sad and it’ll fill you with guilt. People who are fake, don’t care about your feelings or emotions. They’ll always want you to listen to them so even if you started hating their guts. They’ll want you to put them on the pedestal, (especially in the public) to boast their great personality ( which is actually not ) and their love and that is why you’ll never want to be in the company of these people which can also impact your mental health badly.

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3. There is no understanding

When people are involved in any kind of relationship ‘Understanding’ and ‘Trust’ are the main factors that balance a relationship. There are people with different point of views, different opinions people who differ in attitudes but what bonds them is understanding and adjustment. But when that’s a rip off, there are always chances of arguments and fights. If you don’t seem to adapt to their behavior or signs you’re probably hanging out with a wrong person. Even so-called “friendly” competition, can cause negativity and strained relationships in some environments. It is important for the another person to learn their perspective too, but a relationship when a person adjusts regularly while the other is so stubborn it is not any sign of an healthy relationship.

4. They spill the beans

There are dozens of things that happens with us or that we do, besides what in a relationship, what that matters is trust, trust is the major pillar of a relationship, as I’ve mentioned before, but what if your partner, or your so – call “besties” spill the beans or don’t keep things to themselves. In an unhealthy relationship, a person often hesitates to share something with the other person, these is one of the most noticeable sign. However, don’t give up, let them know what you’re feeling, if you’re insecure or if you don’t feel trustworthy let them know, both of you can find solution for that and may change yourselves.

5. You aren’t yourself with them

Being with a fake person, would probably keep your real self above water as if you’re not frank with them, or you don’t feel happy when you’re around them, you may fake a smile just to pretend that you’re happy with them. A healthy relationship will let your worries drained, and will keep you emotionally charged, on the other hand, an unhealthy relationship or a fake relationship with someone will let you down always.

If you’re being in a toxic relationship like these, drift apart from them, as it could suck your time, and may lead to lack happiness and relaxation. Tell them NO!
If they seem tempting to you, try to avoid them.

Fake people often try to play the monopoly on others. The best way to not get persuaded is, focusing on your main aim.

Figure out how they’re toxic to you, and cause you harm emotionally. The best way is to, analyse the problem and find a solution on that. You don’t have to obey their commands or don’t have to be responsible for their feelings. Prior your emotions too.

We often tend to focus on the despising sides of people, and turn a blind eye towards the positive ones, however these doesn’t mean that you should adjust everytime and start denying your own priorities or neglecting your guts.

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