How to Build a good parent – child relationship

Nowadays, parents portrait their child just on the base of what they observe from the outside in spite of the inner self of a child. Due to some reasons, children nowadays manage to summon a fake smile and don’t prioritize sharing their emotions with the parents, by the fear of punishment, or anything. Even the smallest things could leave an immense impact on a child’s brain,  to learn more about their child, it is important to be a child first, try to see things from their point of view too and support them. Parents, rarely could make time for their children or look after them, which may let the child feel helpless and alone, however it is parents duty to take charge of their child. To know the child wholly, here are the six ways to build a great child – parent relationship.

1. Embracing the child every day

Hugging works as an emotional reminder of love, and make the child realize that he/shes not alone. Hugging your child daily could also asset in interacting with them, by which it gets easier for the child to get vulnerable with the parents. Hugs trigger the release of oxytocin, lowering levels of stress hormones, buffering against these negative effects and helping children develop resilience. Moreover, It lowers your blood pressure, especially helpful if you’re feeling anxious

2. Interacting with them regularly

A child has a lot to say to his/her parents, children are always eager to share their mind with the parents, and most of the time their parents can’t make time which could result in lacking social skills, cooperation or sharing. Spending time with them helps the parents to understand the child and teach them significant things, that they’re supposed to learn with them. Share your feelings too, to your child.

3. Respect them too

A lot of times, children are insisted to do something they don’t want to, and their personal opinion is denied, which often could leave a bad impact on them, on the other side, if a child receive respect, it helps him to feel encouraged, This behaviour will help them throughout their entire life, and ensures they treat everyone with kindness. As well, for some children, diversity is a hard concept to understand, according to

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4. Play together

Play is so essential to a child’s development in these fast developing world of technology where everyone is busy with their mobile phones 24 *7. Playing is the tool through which children develop language skills, express emotions, foster creativity, and learn about social skills it is a fun way for you to strengthen your relationship with your child. It does not matter what you play. Additionally, it develops the parent child bond. Playing with the child makes it easier to talk with the child and make him believe that you listen to them and you’re there for them, just like a friend.

5. Check in on them constantly

Spending the weekend with the family, and spending some quality time with family is important, but sometimes it happens when the child need his parents the most but he’s bottling his emotions. Maintaining a good bond with them, chatting with them before bed everyday or supporting them will help the child to feel less lonely and they’ll be able to open up to you, however, you should keep checking in on their performance in school, how they’re doing mentally or if there’s another issue, doing this won’t keep the child lingering to the loneliness or sadness for a long time.

6. Praise them genuinely

Comparison has become the ‘only’ reason why everyone turns a blind eye towards the existing abilities in a child. Every child has his own mind, and every brain works differently, not all children does well in studies, some are good in painting, sports or any other activities. Praising a child helps him to get motivated and encouraged, and he is tend to do it more better. “Praise nurtures your child’s confidence and sense of self. By using praise, you’re showing your child how to think and talk positively about themselves. You’re helping your child learn how to recognise when they do well and feel proud of themselves”

Things parents that could ruin a parent child relationship

• Not spending quality time together

• You don’t / rarely eat meals together

• You don’t often appreciate them

• You scold them for their every mistake rather than explaining what’s wrong

• You have zero knowledge about your kid’s interests

• You avoid talking with them about difficult topics that are necessary to discuss

• You compare them

• You’re impatient when it comes to your child’s negative emotions

• You argue with them very often

• You don’t try to get closer and the child

• You don’t respect them / their opinions

• You don’t interact with them politely

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