Six phrases gaslighters are most likely to use to let you down

Have you ever been with people who set the place on fire but his reaction was something like “I never did that” or “Never mind You’re a douche bag”. Absolutely, they were villian in disguised who just destroy everything but still names himself the hero of the place lol. Well these is known as Gaslighting someone emotionally. Well Gaslighting is defined as a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality it’s not important that the person should be narcissistic or psychopathic to do so, but if the person goes on passing the same toxic and violent comments then of course you’re Gaslighting.

It is categorised into two different parts

Unconscious gaslighting
Unconscious gaslighting is not done with the intention to harm others using gaslighting, as a sociopath does, but instead as an unconscious strategy driven by underlying motives.

Unintentional Gaslighting
In many cases, this gaslighting isn’t intentional, at least not in an abusive way. Like that one buddy who calls you “daddy’s princess” always despite the fact where you’re at.

Anyway let’s get to the point,

Here are the six phrases gaslighters are likely to use..

Anyway let’s get to the point,

1. ” You’re crazy”

Gaslighters could be especially narcissists, psychopaths who desires to rule the society regardless how it would result to others they do these in many ways and manipulation is where the list begins. They never admitt their mistakes even though they know they’re wrong, they’re master at playing mind games. These is one phrase they’re tend to use frequently.

2. “I never said that / I wa s kidding”

These phrase could give you an idea why it’s not safe to trust someone who says these every now and then. These phrase is usually used when they try to deny the promises they made,
For example, Ben told Jay that he’ll help him in his project once they completed Ben’s stuff, but when the time came to work on Jay’s project Ben denied it by saying “That was a joke” Or “No, I never said that”

3. “You’re just overreacting”

They use these phrase when something wrong has been done by them but they’re trying to pass the buck to someone else or not being serious about it. Simply they don’t want you to They would be like “You’re overreacting” when you’re just elaborating the situation they has ruined.

4. You’re so problematic

Who would like to be disliked by everyone by taking the responsibility of all the problems taking place, even though they created it? Well that’s what gaslighters stay away from, they’ll never let themselves down by defeating their opinion by someone’s and so they would say “you’re problematic” without looking at the fact that they’ve lit the fire first.

5. You’re so childish

These phrase could be frequently use to underestimate someone’s way of thinking, doing things, etc. When someone says that you’re childish that may either indicate you are really immature (I’m sorry) , but when someone remarks this statement more than once or twice, they’re trying to defend you.

They may even try to hurt you again and again but let go by telling you “I was kidding” and sometimes these could hurt someone to lesion or could injure someone’s heart. Gaslighting leads to conflicts and violence. It is an abusive practice that causes someone to distrust themselves or to believe they have a mental illness. The long-term effects of gaslighting may include anxiety, depression, trauma, and low self-esteem. These often addresses in abusive and unhealthy relationships where people lacks empathy, trust and necessary factors a good relationship is tend to owe.

Effects of gaslighting

• Gaslighting may lead a person to develop mental health concerns.

• The constant self-doubt and confusion can contribute to anxiety.

• Causes self doubts

• Trauma and depression

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