Five traits of men with high EQ By Sanitysky

Emotional intelligence is the capability for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, and managing them as well.

1.Identifying the emotions is the first step to develop a better EQ ( Emotional intelligence) then,

2. Recognizing them is significant, you should know what to react in sudden situations and what exactly are you feeling them

3. Awareness of emotions – They are different emotional states of every person and therefore if you’re aware of your emotions, it’ll be easy to take the next step which is ;

4. Managing emotions – If you’re aware that you’re angry, you’re supposed to work on it, it’s undeniable to let your emotions gain control over the situation

These are th four main branches of emotional intelligence discovered by Dr. Pale Salovey of Yale University and Dr. John Mayer, of the university of New Hampshire.

These holds an important and immense position at workplaces and therefore it has been a priority to many developing companies.

Five traits of men with higher EQ

1. Comfortable with themselves and others

2. Socially balanced

3. Not prone to anxiety or worry

4. Committed to people or causes

5. Take responsibility of their actions

6. Sympathetic and caring in relationships.

From the book “Emotional intelligence : Why it can matter more than IQ”

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