Four signs that indicates you’re feeling down

Feeling down is synonymous with depression and numbness, it can be triggered by unhealed trauma, stress, or any other reasons.

1. Lacking activeness

2. Conversations about death

3. Mood swings episodes

4. Rumination (The process of continuously thinking about the same thoughts, which tend to be sad or dark, is called rumination)

To avoid these, you can try to uplift your mood by changing your environment, replacing black stuff with other lively colors and enjoy some enthusiastic music, try to avoid things associated with melancholic theme.

How to avoid these?

• Try some uplifting and outdoor activities, you can play with your pet, you can take your dog for a walk, you can ride bicycle, you can dance, you can sing ( you don’t have to be Rihanna or John Legend) distract your brain

• When you’re feeling down, the one thing you need to focus on is self nourishment, get an healthy balance diet schedule, when you have a nourishing meal you’re tend to feel more focused and when you EAT, you’re actually pouring your heart. Eating is often a way through which people express their emotions, all you need to do is control.

• Try to get out of the bed
The more you spend time in your bed, the more you’re tend to feel lazy and down. Get up, get ready and hunt for enthusiasm, avoid using gadgets during this time, you may don’t even feel hungry but have something to boost your energy level, make sure you don’t intake lot of caffeine or junk food.

• If it’s emotional numbness, a real conversation is an urgency! Unhealed trauma, depression, overthinking are some of the things that may trigger numbness. Try to get in touch with someone who’s close to you and even then you’re not able to bounce back, seek a professional help without any kind of delay

• Say Goodbye to toxic relationships, as I’ve mentioned before, self hate is one of the trait of emotional numbness and therefore you need to escape from toxic people or something / someone who lowers your self esteem. They could be a narcissistic friend, a toxic partner or a boss with gaslighting or abusive habits.

These are the common symptoms and some basic ways to get rid of numbness, or the “down” feeling, however professional help is significant!

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