Online bullying ; Symptoms and how these ruin mental health

The reason why I chose these topic is, cyberbullying has a diverse affect on mental health. Many people have been the victim of online bullying which often results in trauma and other mental issues.

In these technological and innovate world the needs of electronic gadgets has became vital and thus everyone is no stranger to this, from the children to the adults. Whenever someone Frequently parents let their children use social media and other online platforms even when they’re insensible to get introduced to these advanced technology but sometimes these could create serious issues, one of them is cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying or online bullying is a way of threatening, abusing, or bullying someone through electronic devices and via emails or text messages. Many children go through these which often goes unnoticed thus leading to other complications that may even leaf the child to trauma or other mental breakdown. Often people prior posting their selfies whenever they’re out with friends or at a party, some people are so much frank about their personal and social life which sometimes could lead to get cyber bullied, cyberbullying is a issue that can trap anyone in and thus can affect anyone harmfully.

“Problem with cyber bullying is everything. If you have something mean to say, look in the mirror & say it to yourself. Maybe you’ll think twice”.

Cyberbullying among teenagers

Teenage years is a time in which kids become self-conscious and are at greater risk of suffering long-term effects of negative comments or embarrassing situations that’s why elders should be aware while giving access to internet to their child.

It only takes one click to ruin a kid’s life

” The longer you wait to give your children a smartphone, the better. Some experts said 12 was the ideal age, while others said 14. All agreed later was safer because smartphones can be addictive distractions that detract from schoolwork while accessing mobile phones to kids at an ineligible age could expose children to other dangers like online bullies, sexting, child predators, etc. Once it increase, social media detoxification seems impossible which is important sometimes.

“Post, don’t roast”

Cyberbullying victims are generally tend to go through loneliness, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, school phobia and affects the performance of the child. These online bullying have bad and disturbing offline impact.

Here are the seven common signs of cyberbullying AKA online bullying.

Signs of Cyberbullying

1. Uncomfortableness or fear outside the home

People who faces online bullying frequently feel anxious and scared. On the one hand, also results suggests that adolescents having a moderately low participation in cases of cyberbullying may present fear
and concern that their peers will judge them negatively, leading them to avoid situations in which
they must interact with others who they do not know well. They may avoid social interactions and stay in isolation or at least in the house.

2. Not letting anyone view their social media activities

Everyone wants their social life to be private no body likes to advertise their social media activities but people who are being cyber bullied are so much aware about who has access to view their social media, they may turn off the screen whenever someone pass by them or they may feel panic whenever someone else check their device abusive or uneven pictures in the camera roll resonates with cyberbullying. Also they stay tuned to the messages they received and check them immediately without any delay, they’re less sociable and are unavailable in public places.

3. Insomniac / exhaustion during the day

Bullying through internet also leads to bad health impaction which includes insomnia and exhaustion. As someone suffers constant bullying or abusing (even verbally) the brain lacks positivity and dwell on negative and threatening behaviours. To cope with insomnia it’s important to make a accurate routine of your slumber without using electronic devices for unlimited time.

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4. Passing statements associated with suicide or self harm

Online bullying is a serious issue that is needed to be solved immediately, the longer it goes, on the more damage it does to the sanity. It interrupts the functioning of the brain. People may also start to feel lifeless and uninterested in living, as the bullying or torturing continues, it put people under pressure which leads them to feel stressed and depressed, and there are higher risks of suicide if they don’t found any helping hand. Such Victims hide their emotions and hesitate to confess to someone. Once the bullying goes out of control they may take self harming decisions.

( Call 911 if you’re in immediate danger)

5. Undeniable changes in health and schedule

These scenario disturbs someone emotionally. Therefore people may feel distracted and anxious every time and every activity they do in a day like eating, studying,etc. They are less focused. Headaches, sudden change in weight, stomach pain, insomnia, loneliness and social phobia are some of the related symptoms.

Have you ever gone through this? If yes, How do you deal with online bullying ?

Let me know in the comment section?!

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