Five ways to deal with disappointments

Have you ever worked hard to give your best at your office meeting or completed any important project before the deadline to impress your boss and to gain promotion but you  then someone snatch your chance by the skin of their teeth and all your expectations and hopes drowned! Or you may know Some people buy lottery tickets only expecting they would win the lottery so even if it costs more than their grocery bill they wouldn’t care, but more often they’re left Disappointed. Usually Disappointment takes place when something doesn’t happen as you expected.

Disappointment is a sad response when the reality hits our expectations.

Neurologists point out that the basic reason why a disappointment hurts so much is that it processes in the limbic system. This structure of your brain is the most primitive and linked to your emotions. Psychologically, anger gets fused with values and past experience. It pumps up the organism for a while. Disappointment, on the other hand, is an emotion powered by shame, so it is tend to hurt more than anger. Disappointment could appear as a mood also.

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Here are the five ways to deal with disappointments ;

1. Be aware of the reality

Even though things didn’t give the same outcomes as you expected, Be aware of your actions by keeping the reality in your mind. Don’t flow with your expectations, sometimes we believe our thoughts or predictions to be reality. Think before you act. Maybe if you’re feeling frustrated you may believe that you’re disappointed. It’s important to be aware of what you exactly feel and if you act according to it. Always act in respect of the situation.

2. Accept what you feel.

We are humans, and we’re likely to feel every emotion, if we feel happy, we can feel sad, if we feel scared, we also feel independent. A lot of times disappointment could be a temporary feeling and so you shouldn’t clung to that for a long time. If you’re being disappointed, accept it. You can’t disappear that feeling, but you can deal with it. The faster you accept it, the less time you give to feel that emotion.

3. Analyse your expectations

Sometimes our own expectations hurts us, expect something that is achievable and that is your piece of cake. Expect things regardless of the reality. If you wish to get a car, you’ll have to earn money, it must be like you’re expenses are some thousand punds and you’re expecting to buy Ferrari. You can rather hope for something to happen than to expect. Lessen your expectations, the more you’ll live in reality.

“If you’re going to say what you want to say, you’re going to hear what you don’t want to hear.”

― Roberto Bolaño, The Insufferable Gaucho

4. Don’t supress disappointment in the form of stress

If you’re disappointed, let yourself know that consciously. Use Journalism, communication and other stuff to let your emotions out. Suppressing your emotions especially negative ones could distract you and you may feel worried and sad about the matter. These could fill your mind with bad emotions therefore you need to empty the cup everyday to let the new opportunities in and make space for positivity

5. Replace it with an optimistic emotion

Don’t get clung to the disappointment. It’s okay if you’re disappointed, instead of regretting or getting sad about disappointments, try to find a solution over it like if your friends didn’t gift you anything for your birthday, instead of getting disappointed you can try to communicate with your friends instead of getting disappointed and clear it don’t give any unpleasant reaction when you feel disappointed, Do something that would help you to feel better, it could be anything like music, any TV series, etc

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