Six common signs of borderline personality disorder

BPD or borderline personality disorder is a mental disorder symbolize by unstable moods, impulsivity, behaviour and relationships.

The self-image, goals, and even your likes and dislikes may change frequently in ways that feel confusing and unclear.

Here are the eight signs that characterise Borderline personality disorder

1. Unstable relationship

” Never choose anyone without complete understanding and never lose anyone because of a small misunderstanding.”


People with BPD tend to have relationships that are short-lived. They experience their emotions changing every now and then, which may often lead to confusion and anxiety and could brew relationships.  It becomes difficult to maintain relationships for them and due to anxiety they aren’t able to balance the correct optimism and cooperation that is needed. In this case people going through this have to be aware of

How they respond back,

What they respond,

Their perspective towards the relationship

If they respect the other person
What they expect

And everything that makes sense.

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2. Self harming behavior

Suicidal behavior and deliberate self-harm is common in people with BPD. It includes thinking about suicide, trying to attempt suicide, making relatable threats etc. They feel bad, insecure and anxious which lead to feel uninterested in life and they don’t feel positive enough. However quick help from therapist is prior need.

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3. Emptiness

Emptiness can leave a person feeling emotionally numb, despondent, isolated, and anxious. It is a feeling when people lack enthusiasm. It indicates you’re feeling down, To avoid these, you can try to uplift your mood by changing your environment, replacing black stuff with other lively colors and enjoy some enthusiastic music, try to avoid things associated with melancholic theme.

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4. Narcissism

Well you can described narcissist as that annoying guy who travels around showing off his abilities, praising the way he works and never feel tired of reminding people how valuable he is, could be a narcissist.

Narcissistic personality disorder, is a kind of personality where people  has an inflated sense of self-importance.

They are much concern about their self esteem and status, commonly they demand attention and admiration of everyone and often exaggerate about their personality which often lead people to dislike them.

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5. Prejudiced self image

No one is perfect, so does the pencil needs the eraser

Thus, everyone has flaws, everyone is tend to make mistakes but this isn’t mean that you can’t achieve something, often times our surroundings makes us believe that we will never make it, this could prove pessimistic and could affect someone mentally.

The one reason for prejudice self image or low self-esteem could be comparison. You might reject opportunities coming your ways, just because you don’t have enough trust on yourself. when we compare ourselves to others, we look at their strengths and focus on our weaknesses, or we focus on their achievements and our lack of achievements.

This is not a fair comparison and will often lead to doubt and loss of self-confidence.

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6. Isolation

Isolation aka loneliness is something that a common man as well as the wealthy noble could owe, sometimes we feel lonely sometimes we isolate our own selves.

When someone isolates his or her self it simplifies they’re not doing good, a lot of times it’s common but  therapy is needed.

Isolation can also reduce cognitive skills, such as the ability to concentrate, make decisions, problem-solve, and even change negative self-beliefs. And it can ultimately lead to depression. 

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Even insecurity is counted as a symptom of bpd, insecurity is a feeling of uncertainity and lack of goodness. It
It produces anxiety about your goals, relationships, and ability to handle certain situations.

If you notice any relatable symptoms often, do seek help from therapist. Let me know what you think about it,

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