Dealing with anger

Everyone has to deal with negative emotions that comes to their path, the one who deals with it, finds it easier to  overcome emotional hurdles and live an optimistic and happy life. Sometimes it’s anxiety, sometimes it’s fear, sometimes it’s trauma. Anger is one of them. 

Anger could be defined as the reaction to the stressful emotions. 

Anger is an emotion characterized by antagonism toward someone or something you feel has deliberately done you wrong. But Anger can be a good thing too It can give you a way to express negative feelings, for example, or motivate you to find solutions to problems. But excessive anger can cause problems. Most oftentimes, it leaves a negative impact.

My opinion about anger

Well I would say ” anxiety ” and “stress” triggers my anger. Oftentimes, it becomes difficult to deal with emotions, especially anger,

Ive seen some people get irritated when their anxious or when their ED gives a sudden knock in their head and they began to feel insecure.

My anger works as a sequel of my anxiety and unpleasantness. Im so arguable at that moment and do or say things that I don’t intend to, I want people to co-operate with me but at the same time I can’t demand for cooperating with my behavior and even if I did, the response isn’t what it is supposed to.

I feel sorry about it, but my apologies aren’t actually considered as real apologies and that’s what makes me feel more frustrated which results in a serious quarrel or conflicts.

The second reason how my anger arises is emptiness or either chaos. When I feel sad without any reason.

It’s mostly like the sky turns grey and there’s nothing like a sunny day.

Plus I sense more laziness and I couldn’t write everything what I feel but at the same time it becomes a priority.

I either walk back and forth in the house and try not to talk with anyone if there’s no option left.

But, as soon as I start realizing that ( like since some days)  I got more aware of my emotions and how I react to situations.

Like for instance, if someone asks you to do them a favor regarding their work, you may refuse rudely or just walk away without replying with a ” just fuck off ” face even if you didn’t wanted to.

You may really don’t know what you did, or you may didn’t take it seriously, but the other person would misunderstand you and it’ll leave a bad impact on them.

When you bounce back to your normal mood, you may feel guilty about it or you may feel angry about that person if he/ she reacts the same as you did before, and expect that person to apologize to you first, when the fault was actually yours. These could become the cause of break ups in relationships.

If you politely refuse, the other person won’t get hurt as compare to the first reaction.

What is your experience with anger? Does it affect your relationship?

Anger is just a choice

The other causes of anger

Also, sometimes, arguments could arise from the previous emotions that bother us it becomes a means of expressing emotions. Suppose, if you had an horrible nightmare so apparently the next would be stressful and distracted which would automatically lead to anger.

However, its important to judge the situation from both of their perspective and then coming to a thoughtful and satisfactory conclusion.

The causes of anger could be the way you communicate. There are people who don’t always wear a smile so when you greet them ” Good morning ” with a warm smile they may reply back but with the lack of same intonation and smile.

These don’t make the person rude or egoistic (always)  but these could be their behavior.

Now this is obvious. People can get angry while the other person would be expecting you to unite with their behavior. 

So instead of getting annoyed you can react the other way.

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Reaction to anger

If someone constantly gets angry it maybe because he or she is probably stressed or having a bad day but it is frustrating when someone gets annoyed at us without any reason.

Some people would react violently some would ignore it there are different ways how people react to anger, but

The reaction to the action, choreographs the next situation

For some people, you could directly become the victim of their burn out. Here, listening to them is important. People with these kind of anger constantly try to release their stress through something, listen to them, don’t argue once their done. They will feel better and once they’re normal you can tell them if you find out something they did wrong.

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Anger is a choice

• Be aware of your emotions

• Ensure if your response is right to the current situation

• Before you get angry judge the situation from both perspectives and then come to a thoughtful and satisfactory conclusion.

• Be clear to the whole matter before reacting to it.

Whenever you’re angry, try not to talk to anyone or ( if you do) be careful with your choice of words and intonation

Stress can become the cause of anger, it’s important to express your emotions before they bubble out in the form of anger

Humour is one way to disappear anger, if someone makes you angry either ignore or laugh.

• Anger increases blood pressure and create other problems

• If anger comes in the form of burn out ( from the other person) listen to the. Avoid arguing or interrupting unless they’re normal. Once they’re normal you can eloborate them


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