Five symptoms that tells you’re anxious about your relationship plus how to stop it

Most people feel a little insecure about their relationship at some point, especially in the early stages of dating and forming a commitment. This isn’t unusual, so you generally don’t need to feel concerned about passing doubts or fears, especially if they don’t affect you too much. These is something known as relationship anxiety.

Here are the five signs of relationship anxiety

• You feel uncertain about your feelings towards them

For example, you might worry that:
your partner wouldn’t miss you much if when you aren’t with them or they have started losing interest in you.

The people going through this keeps asking their partner a thousand times if they really want him / her in their life and if they really love them even if they know they want you.

They may doubt smaller things about them. They may often check on their partner and even check their texts and phone calls.

When you’re uncertain of your partner, it can feel like a roller coaster of emotions and doubts, but it doesn’t have to last.

Some older research suggests people with lower self-esteem are more likely to doubt their partner’s feelings when experiencing self-doubt..

• Worrying if they break up

Even if there’s nothing to complain, you may take every little thing serious you may react by overanalyzing every smaller action.

You feel underestimated and constantly worry if they break up with you,

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• You often check on them

“Assumptions are the termites of relationships.”

—Henry Winkler

You often check on them ( i.e. checking their calls, texts or emails)without asking them, these could be because people are depressed and low self-esteemed, which lead them to think that they aren’t good enough.

They are tend to believe assumptions so easily, and get stressed.

That’s why they feel that you may leave them or lose interest in them.

They may start doubting you if they found an unsuitable text that made their anxiety even more larger.

Six phrases gaslighters are most likely to use to let you down :

Four common deeds that causes boredom in a relationship

Four symptoms of a devastating relationship :

• You can’t trust them

You hesitate to trust them and often try to test if they have true feelings about you.

Even if they’re worth of your trust, it becomes harder to trust them.
If you’re going through relationship anxiety,

You may assure again and again if your relationship is balanced, which could also affects the partner, making him / her feel untrustworthy.

Sometimes, you may even get overemphasis over small issues, they may take it to heart and hurt themselves, without any sensible interpretation of the situation. Even a small incident is enough for them to trust that they’re being cheated even if the case is not that.

To stop this,

Practice vulnerability. Talk with your partner and work on the issue.

Accept your flaws, and don’t let it make you feel unworthy in a relationship.

Be clear about your expectations, as expectations can also leads to anxiety and could cause gaps in a relationship.

Believe your guts, before the anxiety take over your whole self, make yourself aware of your qualities and responsibilities in a relationship.

Don’t act according to assumptions

Relationship anxiety could cause insomnia, minor headaches, stress, etc. However prioritising treatment is always good


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