Six common bad habits that are ruinous to your mental being

No man on the planet would’ve lived a completely disciplined and sincere life and also it is obvious for many of us to stay in bed until noon at Sundays, but on the other side it’s a bad habit to waste time in your bed scrolling down the screen. Even the common habits are “bad” sometimes and are unconsciously affecting us mentally and physically.

Habits, builds us, as a productive and active person only if they’re good and beneficial. Even there are a lot of videos on the internet that links bad habits with superstitions or some illogical and senseless stuff and therefore some people are more likely to take interest in that and do that. However one should be sensible to point out the good and bad habits.

Checking iPhone/iPad at dinner.

The going theory is that eating in front of a screen gives us a double dopamine hit. Food releases “happy chemicals” in our brains, as does entertainment.

The collaboration between the two takes place and you’ve got lots of feel-good things going on in your body, which makes this dynamic duo hard to resist.

Eating past 8 p.m.

Eating too close to bedtime can have other health impactions such as digestive issues. During the slumber the digestion naturally slows down as the  metabolism enters a resting state.

Lying down in no tims after eating can lead to symptoms such as indigestion, acid reflux and heartburn.

Being overloaded with information/options

This influences someones capability to make timely decisions moreover it could make someone confused, stressed out, frustrated, and lead to make mistakes. Shortly, it would expire your brain functions.

Bad habits are like comfortable bed, it’s easy to get into but difficult to get out

Forgetting to Change the Bed Sheets

It is reported that the pillowcase has more bacteria than your toilet seat in case you don’t wash your sheets often. Each night, your body sheds around 15 million skin cells, which build up if you don’t wash your sheets often. If you do this you’re actually feeding the bacteria and dust mites.

Assuming the worst

Often, it involves believing that you’re in a worse situation than you really are or exaggerating the difficulties you face.

It makes you feel you can’t do that and causes stress and anxiety. When you do this you are tend to create the small problems into big ones.


Almost No person on the planet would have spent their lifetime without swearing. Swearing can leave someone with a bad impression, signal a lack of control and indicate a bad attitude or immaturity.

Also a research stated that people with brain injuries may lose the ability to use language, but can still curse.

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