How to get rid of high functioning anxiety [P.2]

I’ve made two parts of this topic as to breakdown that topic in two sections which would make you easier to read. Here’s the link to the previous one :

Seven warning signs of high functioning anxiety and ( how to get rid off) [P. 1]

Seven warning signs of high functioning anxiety and ( how to get rid off ) [P. 1]


A lot of modern – stressors don’t find a way to cope with it, the reason is they don’t many any physical movement like running, jogging or lack of exercise.

The reason why exercise is advised to do in the morning, is because it helps to reduce your anxiety. Many people feel drained even after solving the problem while some people are unable to get off the stress.

Here’s the answer why –
The hormones adrenaline and cortisol (that controle your BP and repair tissues and other important functions) aren’t burnt off, they stay in your body that’s when you exercise and burn off adrenaline and cortisol.


“Not everything that weighs you down is yours to carry.”

( Resources : Emma McAdam; Therapy in the nutshell )


As you know, one symptom that contributes to high functioning anxiety is overreacting to situations and over exaggerating you can stop this.
First is of course journaling

One way how journaling helps is when you write down all of your anxiety or the current complex situations you express your emotions rather than eating them this saves you from overreacting.

Because As you’re already anxious someone comes to you and asks you something or try to talk with you, you either try to ignore or answer in short but sometimes you just brawl at them which makes you feel guilty later on. To avoid this guilty scene, write down your feelings you are less likely to start a fight or feel stress.

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Second is talk, if there’s something stressing you like, if you’re worried about what others think or what they would’ve thought about you when you did a certain thing some days ago, or if you screwed up that you thought hurted someone or during the anxiety cycle if you misbehave ( you think) talk with those people.

Don’t text them as text lacks intonations which could create misunderstandings

Open up to them, talk with them about that incident and apologize for what you behaved. This would help you to feel free and better than before as you cleared the issue.

The next thing you can do is listen to some upbeat music and continue with your work without feeling distracted

IG – @only.mental_health


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