Seven warning signs of high functioning anxiety and ( how to get rid off ) [P. 1]

High functioning anxiety mainly reflects on the mental being rather than the outer self.

People with higher functional anxiety goes through the symptoms of anxiety, rapid heart rate, mood swings, gastrointestinal distress, etc even if they complete their tasks does socially well, that’s why the symptoms are often left invisible.

Stress and anxiety shares the same symptoms such as withdrawing BP rate, tension, and mood swings.
But anxiety is way too different than stress and anxiety isn’t anxiety disorder.

When you’re anxious, you’re nervous and worried at the same time. But when you’re overanxious you just can’t stop your mind from developing thousand negative thoughts you just keep thinking about what you had did, what others would’ve thought of you, what would’ve happened if you wouldn’t have done a certain things. You get so worried about your past and you don’t stay on the present moment.

Anxiety could make you feel unenergized and emotionally drained which makes you feel pessimistic.

Here are the seven warning signs of anxiety

“We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.”


The worst scenarios belong to your mind are enough to make you anxious

As I mentioned earlier, your mind takes you the worst scenarios that probably won’t take place. A lot of times what we feel is just our thoughts.
Instead of trying to find a solution for the problem you’re tend to expand the problem which makes you feel distracted and sad.

2. You unwelcomed new friends

When you’re the one undergoing high functioning anxiety you’re most likely to feel uneasy and uncomfortable. You are scared to be judged and misunderstood by other people.
Also anxiety makes you people pleaser and thus when you get in the company of new friends you’re fear of letting them down, thus they don’t get in new friend.

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.”

– Roy Bennett

3. You get over anxious by the smallest things / without any reason and thus feel irritated and uncomfortable

You are habitual of “making a mountain of a mole-hill”.
A little thing could stress your mind equally as any big thing. Even if you make trivial mistakes, it becomes a very big deal for you to cope with. A little anxious moment, like a fight with your best friend or if a little argument with your boss is enough to let the anxiety and worries possess your mind for a long time.

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4. You often overreact to uneasy  situations and feel constantly distracted

Overreacting here refers to express your emotions strongly / overly. But it’s okay It happens.
When you’re already overly concerned about some thing or you get too anxious that you lose your senses and someone just ask you to do something, or try to talk with you, you just blast off at them but it all happens unintentionally.
Here you develop another reason to get anxious about. In another moment and you start thinking about it. Reacting this way could make you feel guilty and frustrated simultaneously
Scroll down to know how to cope with it.

5. You let yourself down to uplift others

You become a ‘people pleaser’ you think very little about yourself and despite your needs disregarding if it means you should let yourself down.
This is the one of the common triggers of anxiety as you insist yourself to do things you don’t want to do which makes you feel frustrated and anger is bad for your body.

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6. Pleasing everyone has became your preceding business

The Anxiety dictionary would be incomplete without this trait.
“Thinking of what others think about you”
You’re constantly lives in a uncertainty and worry if something you do or you did hurt / hurted someone which keeps troubling your mind.

7. You feel unfocused and place your psyche five feets apart from positivity

When the six traits mentioned above are functioning thus one us very obvious. ‘Anxiety’ is indeed distracting.
Even if you try to do things you live there are less chances of you to not think about it or not worry about it.
That’s why You often have negative conversations with yourself and positivity or optimism feels nothing to you.

To make space for thus uplifting and optimistic emotions, first you should empty your glass to let these emotions in which makes your life troublesome.

I’ve seperated this topic in two sections which would make you easier to read

Here’s the link to the next one :

How to deal with high functioning anxiety


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