Five ways how loneliness harms you (Mentally and physically)

Loneliness is normal in our lives but when left unchecked or untreated it can cause bad effects on your emotional and physical health.

Loneliness is as much as harmful as smoking fifteen cigarettes at a time. It functions the body and mind functions and thus interrupts the physical and mental routine of oneself.

Loneliness is an underhanded worker which secretly unscrews several other mental health issues, before it settles on one’s body and mind totally.

Most of the times, we consider it as minor pain and try to cure it with painkillers. Consumption of lots of medicines or pain killers could be harmful so rather get a treatment from a therapist.

“Depression is feeling like you’ve lost something but having no clue when or where you last had it. Then one day you realize what you lost is yourself.” 

Here are five ways how loneliness harms you

Loneliness can cause panic attack

Loneliness can trigger auto phobia (fear of being alone) which makes them feel they need another person or other people around in order to feel safe. When people are lonely, they’re tend to over think.

Even if they’re physically safe, they may still live in a fear of being unloved, being unwanted, or being neglected by people around.

It could also lead to experience shaking, sweating, chest pain, dizziness, heart palpitations,etc.

Sources : Internet

Loneliness causes overeating

Overeating becomes the most obvious way to fill ourselves up if someone goes through loneliness, they overeat in order to relish themselves & getting distracted.

It’s a chain which begins from when we feel badly, so we eat badly, and then we feel worse.

A different 2014 study indicated that loneliness and social isolation leads to increased levels of sugar intake. 

Common signs of PTSD ( Post traumatic stress disorder) and how to cope with it

Five signs that indicates you’re feeling down :

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Loneliness affects your appetite

As loneliness causes overeating, it could mess with your appetite by either lessening your weight or increasingly weight. 

When you’re lonely, your brain craves social interaction like it desires food, according to new research.

Loneliness can trigger cravings for social interaction in your brain just as hunger causes cravings for food, according to new research from MIT.

Insta – @Only.mental_health_

Loneliness risks the chances of heart disease and stroke

People who spend more time alone and feel lonely regularly have an increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

Social isolation seemed to bump a person’s risk of death by 25% among those with a history of heart attack, and by 32% for those with a history of stroke.

This suggests that while an empty social life may not cause heart problems, it could seriously affect your ability to recover from them, Hakulinen says, according to .

Lonely adults were significantly more likely to report poor health than non-lonely adults.

Loneliness can affect your immune system

Loneliness triggers depression, anxiety low self-esteem, which can affect the immune system, making it harder for your body to fight infection.

When our immune system responds to an infectious agent, it can cause symptoms of disease unnecessarily this sometimes leads the immune systems to overreact, resulting in overwhelmed  body and death.

It has been revealed that Brain activity is linked to the negative emotions to lower immune response against disease.


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