Five ways to stop being “emotionally needy” & how to sustain your emotional being again

At some points, we all have been “emotionally needy” in our lives. We were craving to be loved  to be accepted and to be look after. We all demand that emotional support that encourages us and makes us feel secure.

But sometimes, this case isn’t for “sometimes”. For some people this becomes a daily need and hence they couldn’t stay alone.

They may ask for the reassurance for being in a relationship with them, they may prefer staying in your company 24/7 to be showered with comfort, love and care.

“You are loved, no matter how you feel. Trust, You’ll never be unloved”

This maybe because they didn’t receive the emotional support or their emotional needs remained incomplete in the past and that’s why they may refuse to show up, but still they prefer being in  company of those who are emotionally available for them

They rely upon others for their emotional needs.
These are those people who constantly cling to others to make themselves feel better (even if they’re making the  person uncomfortable or insecure) if they don’t feel that love they start to assume that its gone.

They’re emotionally dependent on others which often leads them to feel insecure.

This is what that creates the “fear” of losing those people and therefore they always keep the assurance of their presence (as mentioned before)
But this also makes the relationship boring to the other person, and they may lose their interest every passing day

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So, emotionally needy people would
• Constantly text you
• Get oversensitive easily
• Downgrading their own self
• Exaggerate over

There are three main attachment styles: secure, anxious, and avoidant. Your attachment style will affect and reflect how secure or insecure you feel in relationships.

• Secure Attachment Styles –

Relationships where you are able to share the ups and downs of your life with your partner as they are able to do the same with you.

You feel loved and you enjoy your intimacy in the relationship. You lack trust issues and you don’t feel any kinda insecurity.

• Anxious Attachment style –

It refers to an attachment style where one doesn’t feel secure in a relationship and become inconsolable when a caregiver leaves.

They may linger to their caregivers and develop doubts. They may hesitate to trust, and fear if they’ll lose their loved ones as to lose the love they’re receiving.

• Avoidant Attachment style –

This attachment style develops when the caregiver is emotionally unavailable for a large time or unresponsive oftentimes.They’re discouraged.

This concludes them to suppress their emotions, and make them anxious and depressed. Denying their problems could be a trigger to this attachment style.

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How to stop being “needy”

Neediness is often associated with not trusting in others and often a fear of abandonment.

Learn to trust others. Stop doubting others and trust. Clinging to anyone constantly, can devastate their sanity and also put it on their privacy. This could be unhealthy for both the people in the relationship.

Deal with your emotions

Neglecting negative emotions would actually expand them. Instead, of running away from them, learn to cope with your emotions. There are several methods which lets you do that.

• Choose journalism

• Learn to “Love yourself”

• Do everything that you love & always make time for yourself

• You must be demanding emotional support as the way to depart yourself from insecurities, loneliness or any other triggering emotion. However, people do support you if you ask, so you should at least try to live with your own self.

• Go to an amusement park, go for a vacation, try different activities like cooking or baking (nothings more interesting than that) or make yourself some uplifting cards but make sure you do it for yourself and spend these times with only yourself

• Do such things that’ll let you *love yourself*

• Stop hating yourself and be vulnerable, to those who gives you love  it’s important to respond back in the same way, this doesn’t make the other feel emotionally drained.

Give space

Privacy is important in everyone’s life. Privacy doesn’t indicate lying or hiding things from each other. If you’re finding it hard to respect your partner’s privacy, it may be a red flag that you’re having trouble trusting them. When there is privacy in a relationship, both partners will have space to feel relaxed and at ease.

Stop downgrading yourself

If you need to stay dependent upon someone to feel emotionally better, it indicates that you’re pitying your own self. You lack self esteem.

It could be also because you’re fear of betrayal or letting yourself down which holds you back from taking any action that could count on your emotional being.

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