Six resonated signs of highly sensitive people

Have you ever found your tears flowing down your cheeck during binge watching a sad korean drama or a tragic film, when everyone else is normal?

Or, are you the “crybaby” of your group because in no time you start weeping?

Well if you ask me, I’ve been there. I would cry at the dumbest sht and thus I would get underestimated by everyone and was labelled as a “weak” person.

But, before you find any outcome keep in mind that no person is weaker, just because he/she cries.
Every type of personality in this world has something special and thus an introvert isn’t rude if he isn’t talking, and sensitive person isn’t weak just because he /she cries at things that others don’t.

Celebrities like Kanye West, Martin Luther King Jr, Albert Einstein are believed to be an “HSP”

If yes, then you must know that you’re the life of the party (if though you don’t parties)
If not, still keep reading to investigate these qualities in your friends & let me know how special they are!

Here we go!

Defination :
Highly sensitive people are those people who are thought to have a high level of deeper emotional sensitivity than others. They are more emotionally aware than others and can sense things more quickly & deeply.

You Feel things more deeply & have an emotionally response

You’re open minded, when someone is in pain, you can feel it too. You owe that special power to sense someones pain but you also overanalyze it which leads you to an “emotional wreck”

Being open minded, you find it easier to communicate with different kind of people and they’re always comfortable in your company, you take care of others emotional being.

Choas owe a special role in your life

Well, choas means confusion and don’t tell me that you wasted people’s 20 mins in choosing the dinner menu yet ending up selecting two. Quite annoying, right?

But yeah, HSPs are tend to over think before coming around any certain conclusion, they find it difficult to make decisions regardless how much small or big they are, As for big decisions, they may feel paralyzed or overwhelmed.

Insta – @only.mental_health_

Even if it’s about getting clogged between sushi or spaghetti or choosing a profession between dancing and acting.
They view things from every perspective, they predict the consequences and how they’ll impact everyone which takes quite long time but they’re mostly the seekers of right path.

20% of population has highly sensitive people.

You tend to have knowledge about even the smallest things you’re surrounded by.

If you are an highly sensitive person, I won’t mind calling you the sequel of Mr. Holmes. Lol.
HSPs are very sensitive to even the smallest things, every small or big thing affects you strongly & that is why they have the knowledge about every small detail even if no one recognises it.

It’s not a new thing for you to notice a permanent coffee stain on someone’s t-shirt that wasn’t there two weeks ago. Loud voices, or changes threatens them & so they’re always alert.


You’re way more concerning

Who isn’t anxious today? This may seem a trivial thing but this isn’t only about anxiety or worrying. Highly sensitive people take good care of their actions and it’s consequences.

They find it easy to put themselves in another’s shoes and thus they also posses a well mannered personality.
They always look at the ways that would lessen the other’s efforts.

They always want to make people feel better, or at least not uncomfortable. Losing politeness or not acting in others’ convenience make them feel troubled until you they repair the mistake themselves.

With that being said, they also have a fragile heart which makes it easier for them to get upset over smallest things.

So, be good with your words & actions while dealing with these kind of people. Make sure you don’t do anything that’ll hurt them.

You’ll also find them  “emotionally exhausted” as they feel others pain intensively. This might also lead them to deny their own emotions sometimes.

They welcome non verbal cues more than verbal cues.

As mentioned before, Loud noises are irresistible for them but that also includes criticising, hurting or raising vioce easily at them deeply hurt them.


How to stop self bullying (self gaslighting) –

How to get rid of high functioning anxiety

Five ways to deal with disappointments:

They don’t respect their boundaries as they can interact with others pain quickly & deeply and are actually more emotionally aware than others which makes them say “yes” to anything even if they don’t want to.
(This doesn’t make them an emotional fool, but an emotionally stronger person)

I’m sorry this is kinda long but here’s the last trait ;

You prefer punishing yourself hardly for accidentally dropping your friend’s vase 3 weeks ago

You probably must had got the idea of what I wanna say. Highly sensitive people are like so self judgemental and they couldn’t overlook their mistakes. 
Even if you’ve done with your apologies, you still find yourself thinking about it & regretting it.

They find it difficult to let go of something (especially if that belongs to their emotional being) As they *feel everything deeply*

They engraved every emotion in their veins & letting someone go out of their mind is like asking blood without even nudging veins.

Doing better under pressure aren’t HSPs

You should never expect these people to bring their A – game by asking them to work in a given deadline without caring about the time they’ll need. Pressure has always been my biggest enemy but as well as a “mate” in every form, and everyone has this mate in any form.

They wouldn’t be able to focus instead asking them to do something they’re passionate about will give great results.


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