Five symptoms of emotional damage

Source : LDS living

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In this blog, I’m gonna give a brief description of being “emotionally unstable” or some people also called it “having a broken heart”
But do you know what exactly having a broken heart is?

You might have heard this term from a lot of people.

“Emotional damages are situations in which a person suffers physiological harm due to an entity’s negligent or intentional actions”

However, emotional stress and emotional damage are way too different things

Everyone may experience these feelings (stressed, depressed, unhappy,etc) from time to time, but when such feelings are intense and persistent, they can interfere with a person’s ability to function and perform normal daily activities.

Oftentimes, people find it hard to deal with their emotions and couldn’t stop themselves from digging up their dreadful and depressing pasts or judge themselves for the every smaller mistake they make even if it happens unintentionally.

They are low self esteemed and may just have exceptionally toxic beliefs about love, dating, or the opposite sex.

There are several reasons stands for emotional damage. Some of them are:
Losing a loved one, a disturbing accident / event,etc.

Traits of being “emotionally damaged”

Source : Kids helpline

• Not know how to get rid of bad situations from your head

People spend 46.9 percent of their waking hours thinking about something other than what they’re doing and 47% of the time, their mind almost always wander to negative thoughts and gets stuck in rumination.

In a research, it was also concluded that people are happy being stucked in the traffic rather than let their mind wander.

Living in the past devastate the energy of themselves in the present. Grieving or regretting about any thing again and again (ruminating) slowly kills your physical health.

You’re more likely to embrace undesirable and negative vibrations which distances you from happiness and positivity.

The ideal way of dealing with negative incidents in life is to reflect on them, learn from them, and let them go

Ways to escape from the “same thoughts paradox”

• Choose self care i.e. Taking a hot bath, massaging, a healthy meal.

• Going for walk with your dog,

• Go on a solo date. You can make the moment worth reminiscing by visiting a museum, going to a restaurant, watching a movie, etc.

• Clean
Cleaning is one if the best you can ever do, which proves beneficial for you and the environment. Clean your wardrobe, pick trash at a beach.

• Journal
The past has passed, you can do is creating an idea about your future. It helps you to discover your own mistakes and flaws so you won’t repeat them. You can plan to spend your time more productively.

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You keep rewinding realistic events in your head and analyze them into the worst scenarios every often
Rewinding situations of your life or ruminating keeps you in the same paradox.

Ruminating can prolong or intensify depression as well as impair your ability to think and process emotions, plus it affects your blood pressure and heart rate.

You can practice the above activities, for more check out some of the resonating blogs:

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The signs goes on ahead..

You get upset about little flaws of yours thus results you to push yourself to be perfect

For emotionally damaged people, it gets hard to make a difference between major and minor mistakes. Regardless of how much it affects them, or even if it matters they punish themselves harder.
People having damaged emotions crave for “perfectionism”
Thus, they cannot deny the flaws that are being made along the process.

This trait also contributes in highly sensitive people where they prefer punishing themselves hardly for accidentally dropping their friend’s vase 3 weeks ago

You make unrealistic expectations based on your past / any past hurting event

Emotionally weak people tend to replay their spent life in their head which often make them to develop or imagine scenarios as per their convenience which indirectly lead to expect the same from reality.
Most of the time this leads to disappointments.

Five ways to deal with disappointments:

Seven habits that lead you to hate yourself and how to unlearn them

You find it difficult to get over your emotions

You find it difficult to get over your emotions
For emotionally damaged people getting over emotions is the most grinding thing.

They tend to take things more personally than other people and hence they get hurt in no time.
They let emotions take in charge of them, the mere way to neglect this is, to to be “aware of the emotions”
Oftentimes, we cannot figure out what exactly we feel and do not take it seriously.

However, knowing your emotions helps you to work on them like for instance if you feel sad, and you know that you’re sad and the reason, it’ll be easy for you to work on it by talking to a friend or watching a funny movie.

Your behaviour is often interpreted as “aggressive, gaslighting or unacceptable”

The response to all this emotional chaos processing in your mind may often being conclude outrageous and violent.
Because having issues that were neglected or considered trivial they bottle their emotions most of the times which then results in burnout, anger and  sometimes could even lead to gaslight.


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