Self awareness : The mother of your personality

Yes, you didn’t misread it, it’s right. Self awareness is the mother of your personality. Everything that comes from you i.e toxicity, introversion, being a better mother, or a humorous partner it all begins with self awareness. How? To find it you need to read ahead ( Don’t worry, There’s no traffic jam here)

Have you ever wondered why people are being “so rude” to you like they seem to ignore you & you eventually end up declaring them as a bad person.

“Without self awareness we’re as babies in the cradles”

– Virginia Woolf

But rewinding a little bit more, it’s you who acted the same few days ago which therefore leads them to view you, as a “toxic person” but before your mind starts to raise the flood of questions let me tell you.  It happens. A lot of times. But not to worry, these moments are replaceable. 

Sometimes, it could also be that you’re imagining a better or ideal version of yourself but you’ve been an irritating & short tempered person in reality. 

Or sometimes you’re clogged between the worries and concerns about the world, or about yourself. All I mean is you aren’t living your present moment and that time you do / say some things that you aren’t supposed to & you fail to remember it. It could also be because you really meant what you said and you don’t mind it. 

Being self aware helps you to differentiate your good & bad traits and helps to correct them. 

You can avoid through some self awareness  

Self-awareness involves being aware of different aspects of the self including traits, behaviours, and feelings

Some steps of “self awareness”

Communication When someone you (like your best friend, partner etc) seem hurted through your actions & they seem to neglect you or they may act abnormal you can go & talk to them

Journal. When you journal you put down your emotions on the paper but along with that you also write you back up things that occur to you in a day which might help you to remind where you screwed up & stop you from repeating the mistakes

Practising mindfulness
Mindfulness includes focused attention in the moment to whatever one is doing and involves practices such as meditation or a quieting of the mind.

Once you’ve pointed out your behaviours, its time to renovate them.

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Here are some traits you’ve become a toxic person

Losing ability to balance relationships When you owe a low self-esteem there are less chances of yours, to be in a relationship which could also originate toxicity in you 

You seem to exaggerate simple things and don’t apologize  Toxic people put themselves on the pedestal which could lead them to let others down. They don’t apologize & exaggerate little things which could conclude things to become more complicated matters in the future. 

You care little about others’ emotions  Toxic people tend to overlook other people’s needs, and fail to look after their emotions. 

You don’t let others express their opinions if you don’t agree with  If you shut up people when their thoughts don’t meet yours, you’re stepping on to become a toxic person.  

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The way to stop yourself from being more toxic is being aware of your behavior / at least not behaving in such a way that’ll lead you to hurt others knowingly or unknowingly.
If you think you’ve been toxic or you’ve became a toxic person, I’m with you.

We all must have been toxic like that but you can prevent this by a little self control whose roots are self awareness you know.

• Controlling your anger

• Pay attention to how they make you feel

• Interact with others about their behavior

• Avoid over – reacting or giving quick reactions to situations that’ll affect others

Signs you’ve become a better person

• Understanding yourself
Having self awareness helps you to become a better person. Having knowledge about your needs, desires, behaviours, pros and cons is a part of self awareness.

• Accepting your flaws
Everyone has a part of faults and lack something that sometimes, does affects us & our surroundings and that is okay. Accepting your flaws & imperfection doesn’t make you a less talented person or devastate your settled perfection you just learn to focus on your possessed

• You’ve gained enough self control
When you embrace positive emotions and don’t let the negative energy housed your mind you’re indeed improving. Try to become more silent than aggressive, more wiser rather than becoming an impulsive freak by responding quickly, it could make others feel outrageous.

To become a better person also includes having a right company of friends.

Miracles begin within us and then affect our surroundings.

— Reinhard Bonnke

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Coming back to the point, A mother is one who gives birth to a child, similarly self awareness gives birth to your personality by shaping & moderating your emotions, feelings, thoughts. Ot helps you to become a better version of yourself and gives you patience.

Now as we’ve finally figured out the mother of our personalities let me know who could be the father, who do you think?


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