Four reasons why you hate yourself

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I heard you hate yourself, do you? Well I do hate myself. I hate myself for not eating vegetables, for crying for silly reasons, for submitting my chemistry assignments to my biology teacher, the list goes on. But let me tell you if you have reasons to hate yourself, you have reasons to love yourself too

“In self love there is always the danger of self hate, In self hate there is always possibility of self love”

A lot of times people create pillars of such events & situations that build a foundation of self hate, which disturbs you mentally & you end up coping with a lot of mental health issues.

Here are four reasons why you don’t like YOU

You were raised in a toxic surrounding

Surroundings often affect us. Staying in a toxic environment develops negative thoughts and pessimism. You learn to blame yourself for every bad thing, you end up damaging your self esteem and mental health. You feel less motivated
Due to the absence of emotional support, affection and required healthy relationships, you find it difficult to make new relationships or to open up in the future, this moreover lessens the motivation and you end up hating yourself.

Unhealed Trauma

Trauma can hit anyone, at any time and what sucks is “it hits”. Unhealed trauma affects every edge of adulthood. It badly damages your mental health. If unhealed trauma is the reason, People face a lot of difficulties regarding conflicts, self image, depression and anxiety which make people hate themselves.
The effects of trauma are more transparent in relationships, they find it hard to maintain relationships. They prioritize others needs’ and overlook their own needs, not just this but they blame themselves for others’ hurt. Frequently, Unhealed trauma attracts addictive habits like regular intake of alcohol, drug abuse, smoking, etc which destroys your physical health too.

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Coming to the next reason

False beliefs

Yes, this could be a factor of self hate. Let me tell you how. There are Different cultures & different societies and every one differs in beliefs and faith hence if someone acts against it even though the action isn’t wrong, they still might hate themselves for the mistake, or they may become the subject of everyone’s gossip & conversation. Like, ex, people say men shouldn’t cry & if a boy cries in public may hate himself for doing it & might also be left alone in the society leading to self image issues. But here, it’s not the boy’s fault at all.
We see, the stereotypes and myths of these societies affect our lives mentally. This makes us feel that any particular interest that is unacceptable in the society is wrong, even if they like it. This creates unhealthy views on personal identity, which could generate self image issues.

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If an entrepreneur would compare himself with Kanye West just because he also owes some trivial partnership with the same bigger companies that Kanye owes too, Congratulations you win a funeral service from West. Lol. That was a dumb example.

Comparing yourself with others would always let you down, you underestimate yourself & you overlook your qualities, and create feelings of envy.

It is important to remember that everyone has different stories and everyone has been through different circumstances.
Mostly, we see parents & elders comparing their child with other kids, which breaks the child’s self esteem and he might end up thinking he’s worthless. Comparison often gives bad outcomes. So Don’t do it.

Apart from this, Loneliness could also be a reason why you hate yourself. Mostly, we see some people are lonely, no one accompanies them, or communicates with them by which they might start doubting themselves and ruin their self esteem. However, this is wrong. You must communicate first, not everyone likes to talk but yes, if you give it a shot things will work.

Check out my previous blog above about how to stop self hating.

Lastly, let me know if you hate yourself and I’ll tell you how to love yourself


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