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  • Five symptoms of emotional damage
    Hey, long time no see. Hope you all are doing good. In this blog, I’m gonna give a brief description of being “emotionally unstable” or some people also called it “having a broken heart”But do you know what exactly having a broken heart is? You might have heard this term from a lot of people. […]
  • Six resonated signs of highly sensitive people
    Have you ever found your tears flowing down your cheeck during binge watching a sad korean drama or a tragic film, when everyone else is normal? Or, are you the “crybaby” of your group because in no time you start weeping? Well if you ask me, I’ve been there. I would cry at the dumbest […]
  • Five ways to stop being “emotionally needy” & how to sustain your emotional being again
    At some points, we all have been “emotionally needy” in our lives. We were craving to be lovedĀ  to be accepted and to be look after. We all demand that emotional support that encourages us and makes us feel secure. But sometimes, this case isn’t for “sometimes”. For some people this becomes a daily need […]
  • Six transparent reasons why you’re feeling tired all the time
    Do you feel like you’re drained? Or you’ve became so much lazy and you’re continually being procrastinating? There are certain habits (that often remains unnoticed) which triggers exhaustion. There are some medical and ‘valid’ reasons why you’ve been like this.  Here it goes : Diet Calories are units of energy found in food. Your body […]
  • Five parental mistakes you should AVOID
    Nowadays, getting to know the child hasn’t been an easy deal. I’ve written a lot about teenage mental health issues but early childhood and middle childhood is also important, and during these years, everything leave an impact on the child’s brain directly and indirectly. Apart from depression and anxiety there are other things that contributes […]